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A parody of <a href=">Top Gun (1986) in which a talented but unstable fighter pilot must overcome the ghosts of his father and save a mission sabotaged by greedy weapons manufacturers.
Ace pilot Topper Harley is asked to come back to the Navy for a special assignment (he dropped out to go live with Native Americans after an incident made him doubt his abilities). He has personality conflicts with the other Top Gun, as they are both romantically interested in the same woman. An aerospace company&#39;s owner is trying to sabotage the mission so the current fighter jet will be scrapped in favor of his jets.
Sometimes silly, more often outrageously funny, and always propelled, it&#39;s a relatively well-plotted comedy, with Charlie Sheen and Cary Elwes competing for Valeria Golena and for the status of Top Gun in a Navy fighter squadron.<br/><br/>If you&#39;ve seen any of Jim Abraham&#39;s – or Abraham&#39;s and Zuckerman&#39;s – films before, no detailed description of the film or its comedic style is necessary, or even possible.<br/><br/>There&#39;s a good deal of slapstick, which I&#39;m inclined to overlook, but the gags are sometimes elegant and extremely funny. They often depend on taking figures of speech, or cinematic conventions, and interpreting them literally. Two brief examples.<br/><br/>An admiral takes a pratfall. Aide: &quot;Are you alright, Admiral?&quot; Admiral (Loyd Bridges): &quot;Allright? Of course I&#39;m alright. Why? What have you heard?&quot; A patient is being urgently wheeled down a hospital corridor, flanked by the usual coterie of staff in scrubs. The patient&#39;s worried friend asks: &quot;Can you save him?&quot; Doctor: &quot;I don&#39;t know. I&#39;m not a very good doctor. (To the patient) Now this may hurt. (Bends down and bites the patient&#39;s nose savagely.)&quot; I don&#39;t want to go too far with this. There are sketches that parody all kind of popular movies. The main target is &quot;Top Gun,&quot; but we also have non sequiturs thrust in from &quot;Rocky&quot; and who knows how many others, many of which I couldn&#39;t identify.<br/><br/>If you don&#39;t laugh out loud, you should see somebody about it.
I have no doubt that this is the best comedy ever. Why I say so? because every time I watch I laugh like the first time. I&#39;ve seen it like 30 time already and every time I find out another joke. Just hilarious. Every one was great at what they were doing, no matter character or actor. But the flowers are for the great late Lloyd Bridges, he&#39;s the best of the best on this film. Admiral Benson was more a mannequin than a man. It&#39;s amazing that that man got to be the US president in the sequel. Or maybe not. Anyway this is THE comedy, when it comes to laughs you can&#39;t stop. The sequel is a little bit worse, but worth watching too.
Funny as it is for a great deal of its length, Hot Shots! does, however, have its share of dull spots, and watching it inevitably makes one yearn for the good old days of "Airplane!"
Two uses of f**k were removed, as was dialogue about inbreeding.
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